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    Released By Sega in 1995.

    This is a rare game and quite collectable

    With full Rod and Reel feedback, you actually fight the fish!

    To our knowledge, not many are working in this great condition

    The Main Game board has been upgraded to do without the unreliable Hard drive they came with so yes has been upgraded so the game starts immediately and is reliable.

    I have borrowed this about the gameplay as it describes the gameplay.

    In this game, players can go fishing out in The Carribean Sea or The Pacific Ocean. It features 16 different fishing points, a selection of artificial bait, and 24 different types of fish including a mackerel, a conger, and even a marlin.

    When a player has caught a fish, he or she must pull on the rod and wind the reel with a certain amount of pressure and accuracy. Sometimes if a player pulls on the rod and winds the reel too hard or not hard enough, the fish will get away or the reel will break. Players must try to reel the fish all the way in within a certain time limit in order to extend time and/or stay in the game.

    Whenever a player has successfully reeled a fish all the way, there will be live-action footage where a person will tell the name of the fish that was caught.

    Victory or defeat is judged based on the total number and weight of fish caught.

    We will include all the spares we have too.

    The picture is very crisp and all working as it should

    general overall condition is well above average

    Come for a test play (Test Fish)

    Amusement Worx
    287 Torrens Rd
    West Croydon.

    or phone for more info
    Simon 08 8241 7370

    We include 3 months warranty

    Interstate buyers are welcome but due to the size and weight of the machine a quote will be needed and at your cost.


    Amusement Worx Keeping Arcade and Pinball Alive In SA For Over 20 Years!

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