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NEO Fusion Atom
  • NEO Fusion Atom

    The Neo “Atom” Fusion has the first of it’s kind New and Improved cutting edge custom designed RGB LEDS and 33% more!!  This allows for the deepest and richest color illumination ever possible to deliver the highest quality lighting to your pinball playfield.   There is also a brand new Photon Merger 2.0 Technology that blends the LEDS together for the ultimate natural smooth factory appearance that has never been seen before in any of our product lines.  This NOW INCLUDES the famous UV+Glow into the Photon Merger 2.0 technology for a smooth continuous laser space beam embedded on the lightbars.  The UV+Glow now has Micronized LEDS and more of them!


    The big deal is Orion’s Belt 2.0 4x Wifi flasher system which has never been attempted in this way until now.  More and better LEDs than ever before and this means visually stunning jaw dropping Wifi controllable flashers that have to be seen to witness their glory.  As always, they are controllable with our free IOS and Android app.  Auto syncs with GI/Modes


    Auto syncs with GI/Modes! Type in your pinball machine name so we know which one it is for.  If it does not show up in the lookup list, it’s okay just enter it as these work on any pinball machine.  We will know what you need 

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