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    Perfect for anyone that loves Pac-Man it would finish off a collection.

    Mr & Mrs Pac-Man was manufactured by Bally in 1982.

    We have workshopped the machine fully stripped playfield Re Rubber, LED Lamp upgrade, new Balls, and Control boards checked, really anything the machine needed has been done.

    It features the famous Pac Man & Mrs Pac Man, who get married in the machine.
    This game has many features, including a small Pac-Man video game in the middle of the playfield, which consists of yellow and red lights.
    The object of this Pac-Man pinball game is to try and light up all the “Pac Maze” circles by earning moves through regular gameplay. When you’ve earned enough moves, you go to the Pac Maze where the points start stacking up. When you run out of moves, you’re kicked out of the maze until you’ve earned more moves.
    An exciting, great classic pinball machine that’s based on the bestselling arcade video game of all time… Pac-Man.

    Theme: Happiness - Games
    Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (2), Slingshots (2), 4-bank drop targets (2), 3-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out holes (2), Left outlane detour gate, Right crossover return lane. Plunger lane skill shot.

    The "Pac Maze VID-GRID" in the middle of the playfield acts as sort of a video mode. Move the yellow dot (Pac-Man) to light up each space and avoid the red dot (a ghost). The left flipper button controls the direction to move, and the right flipper button moves Pac-Man in that direction. Pac-Man can eat the ghost if "Pac-Man Aggressive" is enabled.

    Come for a test play

    We include if your local Free Delivery and set-up
    Plus 3 months warranty

    Amusement Worx
    287 Torrens Rd
    West Croydon

    For More Information 

    call Simon 

    08 8241 7370

    If you require more photos reach out happy to send more.

    Interstate buyers are very welcome but you pay the freight.

    Amusement Worx Keeping Pinball Alive In SA For Over 25 Years.

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