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    Made By Gottlieb in 1982.

    This highly collected machine won't last long.

    You can see the great condition this machine is in by the photos.

    We traded this machine some years ago From a private collector.

    We have kept it in our own collection since as it made the quality that we keep and have been maintaining it in amazing condition.

    But it is time to let it go and fill that space with another machine.

    It does have some slight wear on the upper playfield by the gate but other than that the main playfield is in great condition so is the lower playfield.

    Yes, it has three playfields.

    Some details about the machine Notable Features: Flippers (8), Pop bumpers (4), 5-bank drop targets (1), 4-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out holes (2), Up-kickers (2), Kicking target (1). Three-Level Playfield. Secret passage (a false target that drops down after impact to allow entrance to cellar). Trap door that opens for the ball. Lightning animation in the backglass.


    We have fully serviced the machine Stripped the playfield cleaned it polished it, re rubber, installed LED lamps into the playfield rebuilt all flippers, etc.

    So it's ready now to find a new home.

    Come for a test play

    Amusement Worx

    287 Torrens Rd

    West Croydon SA

    We include Free delivery and set-up if you are local

    Plus a 3-month warranty on the whole machine.


     Interstate buyers are welcome but you pay the freight.


    Amusement Worx Keeping Pinball Alive In SA For Over 25 Years!

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