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    Made by Bally in 1981
    4 player Machine that delivers great game play
    With Three levels of playfield
    This machine has been through our workshop
    and will give years of great game play.
    We have stripped the playfields Polished and re Rubber install LED Lamps, Rebuilt Flippers , Control Boards have been gone over, anything the machine needed has been done.

    Theme: Fantasy
    Notable Features: Flippers (6), Kick-out holes (2), Rollunder spinners (2). Multiball (2-ball), Captive ball (1), 2-in-line drop targets, Three-level playfield, Speech, Plexiglas main playfield covering. No pop bumpers on this game.

    The lower level is accessed by accumulating "Elektra Units" on the main playfield, and then draining the current ball in play. The lower level contains a 4th, separate ball.

    We include 3 months warranty
    Free Delivery if you are local and Set-Up
    For more information
    Call Simon
    08 8241 7370
    Come for a test play
    This one won't last long.
    Amusement Worx
    287 Torrens Rd
    West Croydon SA.

    Interstate buyers are welcome but you pay the freight!

    Amusement Worx Keeping Pinball Alive In SA for Over 20 Years!

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