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    If you're serious about pinball or buying a pinball this is the machine for you.

    Designed for the pinball player's long and short shots great Video mode this title has it all.

    Made by Bally in 1992. 4 x player multi-ball machine

    From a private collector who is fastidious about his collection.
    Playfield is a 9/10 cabinet slightly faded on one side 8/10 in general a 9/10 machine.

    Has been fully workshopped boards checked playfield stripped cleaned rubber done and LED lamps installed anything it needed has been done
    Some more information on the machine.
    Theme: Fantasy - Pirates - Fictional
    Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (3), 3-bank standup targets (3), 2- or 3-ball Multiball. The left ramp is a mechanically raised or lowered ramp which is raised at certain times to load the ball cannon. The lower playfield has a below-the-playfield ball cannon (catapult-type) which oscillates when loaded, to be fired by the player pressing the Fire button on the lockdown bar. The Broadside VUK kicks the ball to the center habitrail above the playfield the and sends it to the flippers.

    Come for a test play today.

    Amusement Worx
    287 Torrens Rd
    West Croydon SA 5008
    for more information call
    Simon 08 82417370 

    We include
    3 months warranty on the total machine
    Also included if your local Free delivery and setup.

    Please check out other machines on our website

    Interstate buyers are welcome but you pay the freight!

    Amusement Worx Keeping Pinball Alive in SA for more that 20 Years

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